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ASUS showcases new HD 7770 DirectCU TOP and HD 7750 graphics cards

Based on AMD “Cape Verde” GPUs, the cards deliver 28nm fabrication, DirectX 11.1 compatibility, and PCI Express 3.0, coupled with ASUS cooling and overclocking.

The ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP and HD 7750 bring 28nm GPU advancements to a very cost-effective segment that combines great gaming and overclocking performance with the value sought by general home computing consumers. Both arrive factory-overclocked, and use PCI Express 3.0 as well as 1GB of GDDR5. The HD 7770 DirectCU TOP ships boosted to 1 120MHz and runs 20% cooler than reference for improved stability, longevity, and overclocking. The two cards are bundled with ASUS GPU Tweak to make tuning easier and deeper than before.

Xhead = More efficient and quieter graphics for every PC user

Thanks to the availability of 28nm production technology, new HD 7700 cards pack greater performance into a more energy-efficient, quieter, and overall more compact platform. The ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP runs at a factory-overclock of 1 120MHz, a significant 120MHz over reference. The HD 7750 operates at 820MHz core clock, 20MHz faster than its reference design. Both use a 128-bit memory interface and 1GB of GDDR5 video RAM to enable high resolution gaming, multimedia, and productivity, with full DirectX 11.1 compatibility for the latest PC graphics developments. With ASUS quality and assurance, the cards present a reinforced 28nm product line-up consumers can tap when looking for parts that are highly capable and at the same time very cost-effective.

Xhead = DirectCU cooling for more intense gaming and overclocking

The HD 7770 arrives in a special DirectCU TOP edition, giving it an ASUS-designed thermal architecture that relies on all-copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU. It also uses a more heat-conductive shroud, and a better-performing, quieter fan. Proven on multiple ASUS graphics cards in the past, DirectCU consistently outperforms reference and competing coolers in terms of heat mitigation and removal. It operates at 20% lower temperatures than reference on average while being quieter than stock, contributing to a longer lasting product that can handle more intense applications and overclocking. For the HD 7750, ASUS has implemented a double-sealed dust-resistant fan design to repel debris and minimise the harm caused by particle accumulation. This feature aids in prolonging card life cycle, makes maintenance easier, and promotes reduced fan spin to lower sound levels.

Xhead = GPU Tweak puts 28nm flexibility and performance at hand

Bundled with HD 7700 cards, the ASUS GPU Tweak utility has been redesigned and improved to make graphics card tuning and overclocking easier and more accessible. Users can quickly adjust clock speeds, voltages, and fan settings with greater accuracy and range than those offered by reference drivers. GPU Tweak now has auto clock and voltage syncing to ensure more stable and safer overclocked performance, as well as convenient 2D/3D mode locking to keep benchmark scores more true to form. An onscreen widget allows for fast card tracking at any time, while live BIOS version and driver updates make certain cards remain fully updated and at peak performance.

Xhead = New generation PCI Express 3.0 and multi-screen displays

Having debuted on the HD 7000 Series, PCI Express 3.0 represents a major step forward in data interfacing, as it doubles the bandwidth of PCI Express 2.0, allowing new graphics cards a better foundation upon which to utilise their greater power. PCI Express 3.0 maintains full backward compatibility with all PCI Express 2.0 devices, and the slot uses the same physical dimensions to guarantee an easy fit with existing parts. Thanks to the augmented power of 28nm technology, HD 7700 cards offer users the added attraction of AMD Eyefinity displays to allow for much bigger resolutions and more impressive views that are well-suited to graphics professionals, designers, and artists.

New ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP and HD 7750 graphics cards offer factory-overclocked 28nm performance, tapped by the exclusive ASUS GPU Tweak. Both use PCI Express 3.0 and 1GB GDDR5.

New ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP and HD 7750 graphics cards offer 28nm “Cape Verde” AMD GPU technology. The HD 7770 DirectCU TOP comes overclocked to 1120MHz, and both utilise PCI Express 3.0 with 1GB GDDR5. Proprietary ASUS DirectCU runs 20% cooler than reference while GPU Tweak makes card tuning more accessible. Additionally, convenient multi-screen AMD Eyefinity expands viewing size.

New ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP graphics cards bring a highly cost-effective and high performance 28nm option, based on “Cape Verde” AMD GPUs. The HD 7770 DirectCU TOP has been factory-overclocked to 1 120MHz (120MHz over reference), and the HD 7750 runs at 820MHz. Using 1GB GDDR5 and PCI Express 3.0, the cards deliver impressive gaming and computing performance, improved by exclusive GPU Tweak, which provides easy and detailed tuning. Exclusive ASUS DirectCU design keeps the HD 7770 20% cooler than reference, plus users benefit from convenient AMD Eyefinity multi-screen displays.

Product specifications and features may change without prior notice. Check for further details.

* All performance figures tested and verified by ASUS under real world conditions. However, individual results may vary based on environmental factors, system configuration, and other circumstances. * To ensure optimum performance and stability, users should avoid using ASUS HD 7700 Series cards with Windows XP, as official AMD driver support will not be added until April 2012. For best results, Windows Vista/Windows 7 drivers can be downloaded from the link below:



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