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Snupit well-positioned for 2021

More businesses join and rely on Snupit to earn in the face of the pandemic.

In the wake of the continued COVID-19 pandemic and its crippling economic effects, Snupit, South Africa’s top online marketplace that connects customers with local service professionals and businesses, is well-positioned for 2021. Snupit has continued to actively match customers to professionals and businesses, providing the means to earn money for people in an increasingly gloomy economy.

Avinash Samlall, Snupit’s Founder and CEO, commented on this: “These are tough times and we are very much aware of how Snupit’s services are translating into hope for so many people and businesses across South Africa. Around 20 000 new businesses joined us and we're close to half a million [businesses].”

Some impressive statistics for the year 2020 from Snupit are (figures are approximate):

  • Twenty thousand new businesses listed themselves on the Snupit platform. Snupit now has a total of more than 440 000 businesses listed.
  • Ten thousand reviews were obtained for businesses. This is an area that Snupit intends to grow in and gain better traction on reviews.
  • Five hundred thousand quotes were requested from customers looking to hire local services. Most of these customers were assisted by the Pros on Snupit, with the value of work estimated around R 1 billion.

Samlall added: “These are some very encouraging numbers. And we feel a great sense of accomplishment, as behind every number is a professional or business we have empowered. The pandemic has further highlighted Snupit’s goal and commitment of giving people the power to earn more. From survival to growth, we’re proud to play a role in financial betterment for every pro listed with us.”

It is yet to be seen how the COVID-19 will affect the world in general and businesses in particular through 2021. Snupit realises that the online and digital world has emerged as more relevant than ever before. As such, the company will continue to improve its services and platform to give professionals and businesses an effective means to get new clients and projects.


Snupit is a local services marketplace helping customers find and hire skilled professionals. Our app intelligently matches customers to plumbers, photographers, maths tutors and more with the right expertise, availability, and pricing. Founded in 2012, Snupit is one of the largest local services companies in South Africa offering over 600 categories. The service was created by Snupit’s founder after he couldn’t find a particular service online after searching for several days. Today, Snupit has over 2 million monthly users and has 440,000 local professionals and businesses listed. For more information, visit

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