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ContinuitySA provides record number of speakers for global Business Continuity Awareness Week

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) will take place from 19 to 23 March 2012, once again facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). ContinuitySA, South Africa's leading business continuity management (BCM) service provider, will provide a record number of speakers.

BCAW is a global educational event designed to help people understand more about BCM, its applications and benefits. This year's event will provide new opportunities to engage with experts around the world and learn more about BCM.

The BCI and its partners will be publishing new research and papers throughout the week. Through a series of Webinars, interested parties can engage with authors on these reports. The Webinars can be viewed live and questions can be asked or watched online at one's leisure.

This year, ContinuitySA has been asked to present six webinars, which demonstrates the quality of South Africa's BCM skills. They will cover the following topics:

Continuity as a service (CaaS)

Justin Lord, General Manager, BCM Hosting, will speak on continuity as a service (CAAS) on 19 March at 12:00pm.

The past decade has seen significant changes in the way recovery services are delivered. As companies look to reduce recovery times from days to hours, in some cases even less, service providers are turning to cloud services to deliver faster, scalable recovery solutions.

In this presentation, he will look at the managed recovery services that are available to date and technology that is changing the way these solutions are delivered.

The presentation can be broadcast live and stored on:

Infrastructure Impact Analysis (IIA)

Millington Gumbo, General Manager, Advisory Services, will talk on Infrastructure Impact Analysis (IIA) on 19 March at 2:00pm.

The ICT IIA is a groundbreaking methodology designed to facilitate the segmentation of key ICT infrastructure in various tiers of criticality and identify cost-effective ways of providing IT service continuity solutions for each tier.

The segmentation process traverses the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure from front-end to back-end components. The IIA process harnesses the combined expertise of the CIO, CRO and CFO in ensuring sound investments in hybrid IT service continuity and disaster recovery solutions, which protect profitability and maximise returns for shareholders.

To participate in this presentation, visit:

Contact centre continuity

Justin Hammann, Business Development Manager, will talk on the topic of continuity management for contact centres on 20 March at 12:00pm.

When it comes to contact centres, the importance of ensuring business continuity is significantly magnified. Whether agents are fielding incoming sales calls or customer service inquiries, it's no secret that customers are very unforgiving when the service is unavailable. As for new prospects who can't reach you, chances are, they will take their business elsewhere. When some contact centres are unavailable, the result is mere inconvenience and annoyance for clients.

On the other side of the scale, the effects could mean severe financial impact, tarnish to reputation and even loss of lives (in the case of emergency response centres). Regardless of where your contact centre fits on this scale, it is a strategically important function that connects you to your customers, potential customers and stakeholders.

This discussion covers the planning, testing and, ultimately, the effective 'orchestration' of the contact centre recovery process.

His presentation can be located at:

CM2 Maturity Model

Karen Humphris, Senior Advisor, Advisory Services, will present her Webinar on 20 March at 2:00pm.

A demonstrable ability to survive and recover from major disruptive events has become the single most important success aspect of any BCM programme. The CM2 framework has been designed to provide analytical information that can be used in determining an organisation's ability to survive any operational disruption resulting from a single or a series of worst-case events.

Her presentation can be viewed on:

Adopting cloud in your backup strategy

Sasha Malic, Solution Design, will talk on 23 March at 2:00pm.

He believes cloud should be included in a backup strategy to reduce business risk, protect data and to improve recovery times in the event of an outage. Various new technologies exist to enable a cloud backup methodology, which will be discussed.

His presentation can be found at:

Business continuity in the supply chain

Derek Taylor, Business Development Manager, will present on 23 March at 4:00pm.

For many ordinary people, 'supply chains' are a means to an end, they represent a mechanism through which goods and services are delivered on a daily basis, all around the world. Today's supply chains are multi-level, complex operations that not only rely on the flow of produce and goods, but also rely heavily on people, integrated information systems, infrastructure, and transport and distribution networks - an interruption to any of these could result in the discontinuity of the business.

The link to his presentation is:

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ContinuitySA is Africa's leading provider of business continuity management and related services. The company boasts some of the continent's most highly skilled and qualified business continuity and disaster management experts who help companies, organisations and government departments of all sizes prepare for and deal with all eventualities. These include potential threats, events, incidences and unforeseen or sudden disruptions due to human error or natural events.

ContinuitySA also provides a variety of hosting solutions, ranging from co-located to fully managed virtualised environments, with their primary focus being to ensure its clients are able to address the resilience and recoverability of their IT services. These hosting services are complemented by managed backup and recovery services, virtual server replication and high availability solutions to satisfy any level of continuity requirement.

ContinuitySA operates the largest recovery facilities in southern Africa. It has a number of recovery centres in southern Africa with over 20 000 square metres of recovery facilities in Midrand, Gauteng. Smaller sites have been located in Cape Town, Gaborone, Botswana and Mozambique, and a joint venture has been established in Mauritius.

ContinuitySA. Our business is keeping you in business. Additional information about ContinuitySA can be found at