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d6 supporting schools, other community organisations with effective communication during COVID-19

Just some background

d6 group has been providing more than 2 500 schools and other organisations with a communication platform to ensure the parents linked to these schools and organisations are always informed. We ensure that more than 1 million parents and other community members (like your church, club, residential estate, etc) are kept up to date with what's going on in their respective school and organisation. The communication platform supports e-mail, SMS, and d6 Connect app communication and the app has no cost for the parent or member.

Our special offering to schools and communities

During COVID-19 lockdown, we would like to support all communities to enable them to communicate effectively, but also support local business. We at the d6 group have decided to provide our d6+ Communication platform for free to any school or other organisation until the end of June 2020. This also includes initial set-up and training.

We firmly believe that all children need access to education and parents need real-time communication from the schools - and what better platform to give the parents and schools than the d6+ Communication platform.

Our d6 rewards programme is automatically enabled for all clients. So, while schools and organisations have the ability to keep their members informed through our d6 Connect platform, advertisers can ensure lower cost and targeted digital advertising while supporting the local school and organisation.

For more information on our communication platforms, please contact us on [email protected] or click here for a detailed product brochure.

Please also refer to our video release for schools during the current lockdown challenge.