Take your EPM solution to the next level

By Steven Tucker, Senior EPM Consultant, Futuresense
Issued by Futuresense
Johannesburg, Sep 20, 2022
Steven Tucker, Senior EPM Consultant, Futuresense.

In today’s volatile business environment, companies need to be agile enough to adapt to market changes and confident enough in their decision-making processes to adjust their plans to better meet customer needs. Many organisations rely on their EPM solution to enable this kind of agility, helping business leaders make better decisions using the right data, insights and metrics.

Automation is one of the many benefits offered by solutions like Oracle Cloud EPM. However, even with an effective EPM solution, tasks can quickly pile up, causing finance teams to become bogged down too.

Many Oracle users are not aware that they have access to an easy solution to freeing up their time: EPM Automate. EPM Automate can take your EPM solution to the next level, not only automating repetitive tasks, but also allowing for the remote performance of tasks within Oracle Cloud EPM environments. Most importantly, EPM Automate can help integrate offline and online environments, providing an additional level of efficiency.

Here are some of the most common tasks that EPM Automate can be used for:

  • Backup data and download backups;
  • Run a batch rule;
  • Import supplemental data;
  • Run business rules on data;
  • Import and export metadata, data, artefact and application snapshots, templates and data management mappings;
  • Upload files into environments, list files and delete files;
  • Download snapshots, reports and metadata/data files; and
  • Generate data management reports, provisioning reports and user audit reports.

These are only some of the tasks that EPM Automate can add efficiency to. Some of these tasks are on a schedule that has been set, ensuring the business does not have to worry about that aspect of its enterprise system.

Not only does EPM Automate help increase productivity, it also increases data accuracy and allows for better decision-making through high analytics rates. By taking care of a large amount of the tedious tasks that used to have to be done by employees, EPM Automate enables them to focus on other, more important, tasks.

With EPM Automate doing the calculating, inputting, exporting and analysing of data, there is no risk of human error skewing data. With more accurate, faster data, the company can learn faster and adapt more quickly. You can also use EPM Automate to perform more analytics functions than you could without it, allowing for additional data reports within a project or cycle.

With Oracle Cloud EPM already saving companies time and money by reducing the finance team’s reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, using EPM Automate for even more efficiency is a no-brainer.