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Time to tell how much you are worth

The ITWeb/CareerWeb IT Salary Survey 2016 is live, calling for all South African IT professionals to participate.

Last year, the ITWeb/CareerWeb IT Survey, which was run online on ITWeb and CareerWeb, attracted over 5 000 participants.

"Our aim is to keep growing not only the number of respondents, but also the quality of the responses," says Ranka Jovanovic, ITWeb's editorial director. "We have improved the questionnaire and revised the job titles, skills and tech platforms respondents can opt for. Most importantly, we have partnered with a specialist remuneration consultancy, Emergence Growth, which will add expertise and further rigour to the data cleansing and analysis process."

The questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to fill in. As soon as a critical mass of responses has been reached, ITWeb will open its popular Salary Comparison feature and give respondents a chance to compare their salary to the average for their profile, in real-time.

All valid respondents stand a chance to win a Nespresso UMilk coffee machine.

Go here to complete the 2016 ITWeb/CareerWeb IT Survey.