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ITWeb rebrands its BI event to include analytics

Data analytics, and the ability to harness actionable insights from data, is at the top of all savvy CIO's priority lists.

The sheer volume of data that businesses generate from a multitude of different sources today is astounding. Moreover, data is evolving, not only in volume, but in type and speed, due to the widespread digitisation of business processes, as forward-thinking organisations look to digital technologies to move their businesses forward, and keep them relevant in an increasing digital age.

However, understanding the value of data, and having the ability to realise its benefits, is really key to any successful implementation of transformation strategies that drive agile and effective growth within the business.

This is where data analytics comes in. The power of analytics helps businesses to understand their data, and harness it to gain true insights, to boost decision-making, and improve every aspect of the business from operations to customer experience.

With this in mind, ITWeb has rebranded its annual business intelligence (BI) event, as the ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2018. For the first time, the event is shining the spotlight on the past, present and future, speaking to delegates about how their data can be an enormous asset to their businesses.

"BI makes use of past and current data to accurately assess where your business is today," says Angela Mace, events director at ITWeb. "On the other hand, business analytics mines the data to predict the direction in which your business is heading and provide the correct need actions to maximise outcomes."

She says there is no doubt that information is the currency of today's economy, and data and analytics are the backbone of every business decision - driving change and transformation; creating opportunities for growth, spurring innovation and steering businesses towards true digital transformation.

Delegates attending the event, to be held on 13 and 14 March at the Forum in Bryanston, will be learn about latest trends and movements in the industry. "In addition, a range of top class international and local speakers will offer their opinions on a variety of hot topics, and several top local case studies will be presented. The summit promises all the tools and techniques needed to ensure the future of your business," she concludes.