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ITWeb to host GDPR compliancy training at GDPR Update 2018

With the 25 May 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance having come and gone, South African businesses can't afford waste any time. They need to understand whether they need to be GDPR compliant, and if so, what it takes to accomplish this.

"South African businesses need to be aware of the risks and the regulations that will impact on their business and their international reputation, and with this in mind, ITWeb is offering some expert training during its GDPR Update 2018 event," says Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb.

The training will be facilitated by Gideon Bouwer, a cyber law and criminal law forensics specialist at Cyber-law Forensics. Titled: 'GDPR compliancy: dataflow management with regards to an integrated IT solution', it will be held on 8 and 9 November, from 9:30am to 5pm, at The Forum in Bryanston, and will include coffee and lunch.

Bouwer is an IT-law specialist and the co-founder and managing director of Gidsigned, an electronic signature and compliance company. Not only does he specialise in e-commerce compliance and the legal aspects of electronic evidence, he is a regulatory expert in POPIA compliance, and global regulatory compliance with regards to transborder data flow and data protection regulations.

"Bouwer will add tremendous value to the GDPR Update event. His unique combination of IT and law have seen him create workable and implementable solutions. He is renowned for integrated IT compliancy solutions in the GRC space and has developed software dataflow management systems to help businesses achieve regulatory compliance," adds Mace.

She says GDPR demands compliance by default. "IT systems used by organisations to process personal information (PI) must automatically gather such information in compliance with the GDPR. It has to happen by default. "Moreover, technical and organisational measures have to automatically assure the legal processing of PI, meaning that at the point of PI data inflow, the data gathering must be in compliance with the GDPR in accordance to the technical and organisational demands of the Act."

Mace says the training will help attendees to develop an integrated IT compliancy solution that will incorporate technical and organisational measures that will make them GDPR compliant by default. "Implementable solutions and the feasibility thereof will be the theme of the training."

The course isn't about obstacles, it's about solutions, she stresses. "The fallacy of the 'impossible to comply' will be quashed. Current IT systems and company policies of the representatives will be discussed, as will how those systems can be used and adapted to achieve GDPR compliancy. It is problem-solving and not risk-taking that will be emphasised."

Mace adds that attendees with both advanced and basic knowledge of the GDPR will benefit, and will gain an in-depth understanding of GDPR data flow management requirements; the meaning of data processing by default; the obligation of data processing by default; what constitutes an integrated IT solution by default; and finally, the solution, and how to implement an integrated IT solution by default."

All organisations, as well as individuals that need to be GDPR compliant, should attend, as well as those who are unsure if the GDPR applies to them, or who might in the future fall under the GDPR. "However, all businesses whose data flow management could use improvement, and that would like to learn more about the implementation of an integrated IT solution, will benefit."

ITWeb GDPR Update 2018

Book your seat today to attend the inaugural ITWeb GDPR Update 2018, in Johannesburg, on 7 November. Experts from across South African business will be presenting in mini-workshop formats during the one-day multi-speaker conference day.

Also on offer is a half-day workshop, on 6 November, presented by Peter Hill, IT Governance Network.

A two-day training course will take place on 8-9 November, covering GDPR compliancy: dataflow management with regards to an integrated IT solution. To find out more, go to: