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ITWeb 'Meeting of Minds: AI 2018' to feature nine case studies

ITWeb has announced its Meeting of Minds: ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2018 event will feature nine case studies, covering the banking, transport, public sector, retail, insurance and legal industries.

"Case studies are a valuable tool for businesses and delegates alike," says Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb. "They offer realistic, complex, and contextually rich situations and discuss the hurdles or problems that need to be overcome."

She says case studies bridge the gap between theory and practice, between the 'brochure' and the workplace. "They definitely help to open a dialogue on the subject, giving delegates the opportunity to think about the parameters of a problem, and how to articulate positions and evaluate potential courses of action."

According to Mace, speakers at the event, who are already employing AI, machine learning and IOT within their companies and reaping the benefits, will share their experiences.

The event's first case study: "Credit: The use of machine learning, alternative data and smart algorithms to better predict consumer behaviour and improve financial inclusion", will be presented by Tim Collins, head of Analytics, Product Development and Consulting at TransUnion Africa.

Next to be featured is: "Security: Machine learning and IOT, the uses inside Tracker and the success experienced", by Wikus Combrinck, GM business intelligence competency centre, Tracker South Africa.

The third case study: "Banking: Pepper, a fully programmable humanoid robot, is the latest addition to the Nedbank family", will be unpacked by Fabio Mione, head of NIC & Strategic Execution at one of SA's largest banks, Nedbank.

Another financial services case study: "Financial services: Building AI to improve the prequalification of home buyers", will be presented by Dominique dHotman, chief strategy officer at ooba, SA's largest home loan originator.

For those interested in the public sector, the next case study: "Smart government: AI in public ICT', will be presented by Dr Setumo Mohapi, CEO of the State Information Technology Agency (SITA).

Andrew Dawson, commercial director at Macmobile and Solutions-in-hand, will present a retail case study: "Enterprise mobility, AI and machine learning in the retail execution space".

Covering the transport industry, the next case study: "Transport: AI trends in the public transport industry', will be held by Nigel Solomons, head of IT, Golden Arrow Bus Services.

Then: "Insurance: Embracing digitalisation/AI to be able to compete with the biggest technology disrupters", will be presented by Vera Nagtegaal, executive head at Hippo.

Finally, Celia Pienaar, legal project manager at Webber Wentzel, will dive into the legal side of AI, with her case study: "Regulation: Applying AI to legal practice".

"Delegates attending the event will hear all about AI's tangible benefits, including gaining efficiencies, improving customer experience, maintaining competitive advantage and increasing security, when applied effectively. And they will hear about these benefits through real-life examples."