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ITWeb's CareerWeb matches best IT skills to job vacancies

With a successful hire ratio of over 90%, ITWeb's CareerWeb continues to be the provider of choice for companies requiring sought-after IT skills.

Established 21 years ago as part of the ITWeb stable, CareerWeb is a specialist recruitment site targeted at a well-defined community of top ICT professionals.

Placement fees and high recruitment costs are a thing of the past for CareerWeb clients as it searches its vast skills database and matches the right IT candidate for the advertised job, at an affordable flat rate for the employer.

Ernie Hipner, business development director for CareerWeb, says: "Our advantage is that as part of ITWeb, we have access to thousands of South Africa's IT professionals. We have created a confidential network of over 140 000 IT professionals, with an average of 120 new IT skilled profiles being added daily."

These profiles are from across the IT spectrum, including developers, engineers, sales specialists, project managers and more.

CareerWeb handles the advertising of an IT vacancy through its own and ITWeb's platforms, as well as social media channels. All job responses are monitored and filtered by the CareerWeb team, with the client receiving matching candidates based on the predefined factors.

In addition, CareerWeb accesses its network and prompts the professionals with a matching profile for the vacancy. The client is then supplied with the interested candidates that they can contact for an interview.

"Our 90% success rate in providing our clients with the candidates they were looking for is due to this combination: access to a fresh pool of IT skills, and a dedicated team focused on finding the right match," concludes Hipner.

For further information, contact Hipner at CareerWeb/ITWeb: [email protected] or 011 807 3294. Visit:

Client and candidate testimonials:

"The candidate excelled in the assessment and interviews. As such, we proceeded to make an offer which she has accepted." IT solutions company in Johannesburg

"I would like to thank you once again for partnering me on these developer roles. You've been an absolute star!" IT company in Cape Town

"I found my current job in the IT industry through CareerWeb. I can't remember for how many years I have been using CareerWeb when looking for jobs, even when I didn't really want to change jobs, but was just looking at what opportunities are available. The Web interface also allows me to keep my CV up to date quite easily. I will definitely use CareerWeb again, but at the moment I am very happy at my new job." SQL developer candidate