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ITWeb debuts 'Cloud, Data Centre & DevOps 2020' event

A slew of trends have reshaped the IT world over the past few years, including virtualisation, data centre, cloud and DevOps. Over the years, although these trends have interacted with one another out of necessity, they have remained fairly distinct.

However, today, the lines are blurring. "Data centre and IT heads are working far more closely with DevOps teams and application developers, as DevOps leads the charge in terms of tomorrow's solutions, services and means of delivery," says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.

They are harnessing all the power of big data analytics, AI, machine learning and more, and through their innovations, we are witnessing an even greater use of cloud and other data centre platforms, she adds.

With this in mind, for the first time ever, ITWeb is combining its cloud and data centre events and bringing in DevOps, to bring delegates one mega-event: 'ITWeb Cloud, Data Centre & DevOps 2020', themed: 'Setting future innovation in motion'.

The one-day event will feature three tracks, data centre, cloud and DevOps, and will focus on a wide range of hot topics, including hyper-scale data centres; multi-cloud; public, private and hybrid cloud and cloud infrastructure; everything as a service; cloud security and compliance; privacy and data management; data ownership; access control; agile working methodologies and containers; big data analytics; SecDevOps; and many more.

She says there's no question that every business around the world uses cloud technologies to keep up and running. "It has become the de facto way by which services are consumed, and businesses across the private and public sector are looking to capitalise on the innovation it promises. The problem is, many of them don't know how. The event will show businesses the way forward.

"Because the data centre remains the heart of any business, it has become critical to the delivery of IT services, connecting and providing storage for a growing number of devices, users and workloads, which are producing more data than ever before," adds Mace. "The modern, heterogeneous data centre has changed significantly from what it was a few years ago in terms of technology advancements, complexity and scale."

In terms of DevOps, Mace says this has been redefined over the past two years, and its value and benefits are finally being recognised. "Its ability to boost an organisation's competitive edge and enhance its offerings means it is being viewed as a panacea by IT leaders. For all CIOs who want to improve the efficiency of their systems, and drive innovations, DevOps, and the speed, agility and economies of scale it brings, it is no longer a case of 'if' but 'how'."

The event will unpack all these issues and more, and will bring together more than 300 delegates from top organisations, as well as data centre, cloud and DevOps experts from a range of industries, to meet and share their insights about the latest technologies, solutions and trends."