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VMware comes on board as diamond sponsor of ITWeb's Cloud Summit 2019

VMware has come on board as diamond sponsor for ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019, to be held on 12 February at The Forum, in Bryanston.

Dave Funnell, manager: Cloud Provider at VMware, says each and every business is going through a process of digital transformation to enable them to compete in a market with changing dynamics, increasing demands from their clients, and new entrants who can take advantage of first design principles.

"VMware is uniquely positioned to assist them on this journey, as they leverage private and public cloud offerings, modernise existing data centres, take advantage of the Internet of things, and manage the proliferation of end-user devices to deliver their services," he adds.

Explaining why events such as the ITWeb Cloud Summit are important for SA, Funnell says: "South Africa is integrated into the global economy, so local decision-makers need to be fully aware of how enterprises across the world are taking advantage of cloud solutions and the trends that are developing as uptake matures."

According to Funnell, cloud technologies can transform the delivery of IT to the business if adopted as part of a clearly defined strategy, but there are important lessons that can be learnt to avoid costly missteps.

[SIDEBAR]"With some vendors pushing their solutions as 'silver bullets' and with many different ways to approach cloud adoption, this can be a confusing space.

"Delegates attending the event will gain a broad understanding of how they can formulate their cloud strategy to maximum benefit. They will get a view of the options available to them from industry experts and an opportunity to get answers to their particular cloud strategy questions," he concludes.

Angela Mace, CRM and events director of ITWeb, says the cloud is evolving rapidly, particularly in light of digital transformation.

"ITWeb is very particular about partnering companies that are ahead of the curve in their implementation of technology, and VMware fits perfectly into this requirement. Businesses across the board are looking to stay ahead of competitors and maximise their IT efficiencies, and this event aims to help them do exactly that," she says.

Mace says delegates attending the ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019 will have the opportunity to meet with over 200 high-level business decision-makers and learn from local end-user case studies, topical panel discussions and insights from leading cloud vendors and implementation specialists.