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ITWeb Security Summit 2018 debuts boot camp

In a move aimed at demystifying its two-day Security Summit, ITWeb is debuting a boot camp themed 'Back to basics - demystifying the jargon', for newcomers to information security who are not necessarily infosec professionals.

The boot camp will be held on 21 May, and will be run by Cobus Mentz, a security consultant at Telspace Systems, who focuses on advisory services, assisting clients with the remediation of penetration testing findings. "In the workshop, we will look at eliminating the confusion and ambiguity of today's IT security sector," says Mentz.

Unpacking the lingo

The session will explore and discuss the most common jargon that vendors and writers use on their Web sites, in their sales pitches, at conferences and wherever else we can find it. "After this, attendees will have a clearer understanding of topics such as penetration testing versus vulnerability assessments, cyber-security versus information security, and much more," he adds.

The first session will cover some of the most common and widely used terms in the industry. Here, attendees will learn what cyber security and information security are really about. "After uncovering the truth about these terms, we will dive slightly deeper and start our journey through the National Cyber Security Centre's 10 steps to cyber security," says Mentz. "We will discuss each of the steps, what they mean, how they work and clarify some of the jargon associated with them."

In the second session, Mentz will finish up with the last couple of step, and will end off the day by taking a look at some of the jargon that was used in the biggest and most recent news stories.

Skills transfer

Mentz works with security teams to re-test the findings, validating remediation efforts and transferring skills to team members. He has worked across a wide variety of corporate environments, ranging from SMEs to international corporates, where he has been exposed to a plethora of scenarios, including the implementation of an information security management system, information security incident management system, cyber security awareness system, and continuous Red Team advisory consulting.

He holds a BSc in IT, and has many certifications, including ISO 27001, Security+1, Lead pentest professional, and cyber security first responder. He is currently working towards a certification inOffensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

ITWeb Security Summit 2018

Registration is open for the ITWeb Security Summit 2018, being held in Johannesburg on 22 and 23 May, and in Cape Town on 28 and 29 May. This is the must-attend annual event for information security professionals, featuring international speakers, workshops, as well as a beginners' guide to cyber security. Click here for more information.