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Texas school unveils iPad initiative

Xhead = Texas school unveils iPad initiative

Austin, Texas-based Saint Gabriel's Catholic School, which serves students in grades preK-8, will provide each class through grade 3 with classroom iPads and provide individual iPads to all students in grades 4 and 5, and all classrooms will be connected via video conferencing to museums, laboratories and other learning environments, The Journal writes.

The new technology will be integrated into the curriculum and students will be able to use the iPads to access their schoolwork remotely. Through use of a "flipped classroom" approach, students will watch Khan Academy video lessons at home and then complete assignments while in the classroom to allow teachers to directly observe student learning and meet the needs of each student as an individual.

Market Watch says that teachers can use the telepresence interactive projection system to connect with and learn from people around the world. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with experts from organisations in New York, Paris, Russia and China.

St Gabriel's is not new to technology. For more than five years, the school has offered students an elective in robotics. The course is designed to inspire creativity using math and engineering skills as well as software design and programming. Emphasis is placed on the importance of teamwork, initiative and self-confidence. The St Gabriel's First Lego League robotics team is a four-time national champion and has received numerous awards for problem-solving research and the unique presentation of their findings.