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ITWeb meets niche news demand

With the great success of its initial niche newsletters, ITWeb is adding several more titles to the list.

ITWeb's newsletters were created in response to a demand for news in niche ICT sectors.

“Many of our readers don't want to sift through news that is not relevant to them. Our newsletters give them only what is of interest to them, and are a complete resource for news in each area,” says Ranka Jovanovic, editorial director of ITWeb.

“[They] allow busy people to get a single, weekly source of relevant information and articles which must be helpful,” adds Stuart Lewis, contributor to BizBeat, a weekly roundup of business IT news.

The newsletters are not only of benefit to the subscribers, but to the contributors as well. They provide an ideal platform for players in the various industries to raise their profile with readers that are specifically interested in those industries, just by providing advertising space for them.

Eugene van Rensberg, contributor of the Business Process Management newsletter, says one of the positive aspects of the newsletter is that it is focused on a specific audience, because the people who receive and read the newsletter are looking for specific news in the industry.

“This gives us not only an opportunity to do thought leadership and also share what is happening in the local BPM market, it also allows positive competition between vendors as the newsletter is not promoting a single vendor view, but rather what is working in the market,” he says.

There are other benefits for contributors, which Lewis makes note of: “It is a brand awareness mechanism that keeps us top of mind and provides us with some credibility when we get in front of one of [the] subscribers.”

In addition to the initial TelecomsWeek, SecurityWeek, The Growing Enterprise and MobileWeek newsletters, ITWeb has added several other sectors to its list, reaching a total of 21.

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