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Driving organisational performance with functional analytics

The ability to gain insights from data will help businesses pinpoint market trends and highlight any issues, says ITWeb.

Over the years, business intelligence (BI) has transformed the way we do business, by giving organisations access to floods of information from multiple data sources and impacting industries in the process.

Moreover, the ability to analyse this data, and glean actionable insights from it, is helping com-panies of all types and sizes make better, more intelligent decisions ahead of time. This in turn is helping businesses meet their customers' needs by offering them strategic and innovative products and solutions.

"This is why we decided to theme Business Intelligence Summit 2018 'Driving organisational performance with functional analytics," explains Angela Mace, CRM & Events director at ITWeb. "Ultimately, the ability to gain insights from data will help businesses pinpoint market trends and highlight any issues that need to be addressed."

According to her, the marketplace as we know it, for the majority of organisations, is moving away from traditional processes, towards business practices that have the ability to survive, thrive, and compete with today's technologically advanced customer.

"Today's customers are driving the demand. More than ever now, the customer is calling the shots. They want good products and services, and they want them now. Failure to meet their needs will see them moving on to your competitor.

Mace adds that Business Intelligence Summit 2018 has brought a key sponsor on board - Prae-signis - an information management and business analytics consulting company based in Johannesburg.

"Their line of work is an ideal fit for our event theme. Praesignis gives customers sustainable and flexible end-to-end performance management solutions, to help them improve performance and profitability within their organisations. Essentially, they are able to use analytics to extract real value from data, using innovative techniques and solutions."

Today's organisations need to able to use data mining, online analytical processing, online que-rying and online reporting to gain insight into where their customers are spending and on what.

"With these insights, they can accelerate and improve decision making, and optimise internal business processes. This helps to boost operational efficiency, identify and drive new revenue streams, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage over business rivals."

Business Intelligence Summit 2018 will take place from 13 to 15 March 2018 at The Forum in Bryanston.