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Call for papers opens for ITWeb Security Summit 2019

Now in its 14th year, ITWeb Security Summit 2019 has announced the call for papers is officially open.

Next year's summit will once again bring together leading international and local industry experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers.

A range of sessions will demystify emerging cyber security strategies in AI, blockchain, IOT and DevSecOps, and explain how to increase an organisation's cyber resiliency.

With this in mind, the summit is looking for experts on cyber security, those who have practical and relevant experience to share about mitigating the risks of cyber security, as well as product-independent case studies to showcase.

As the world becomes increasingly connected and digital, businesses are facing threats that are growing in number and complexity, and adversaries who are more sophisticated and determined than ever before, says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.


"This is why events such as the Security Summit are so important," she says. "Security practitioners have to be up to speed with the latest tools and technologies to protect, fight and mitigate these potentially catastrophic threats, as well as the methods employed by attackers to carry them out. And they have to do this in a regulatory environment that is more stringent than ever before."

According to Mace, Security Summit 2019 will provide delegates with the information and expert advice needed to get their cyber security strategy to the next level.

"Whether on the technical or the business side, just embarking on a security journey, or wanting more advice on how to get a better return on security investment, attendees will learn about the most important skills, insights and best practices for combating the current and future security risks," Mace adds.

The 2019 event will feature more than 60 speakers, panellists and workshop leaders who possess not only real-world experience, but theoretical knowledge too. There will be a wealth of up-to-date information on the latest cyber security trends and developments, as well as extended opportunities for delegates to network with their peers.

"Finally, the summit will feature practical advice that can be taken back and used in the business from day one, as well as product and solution demonstrations featuring some of the hottest tools and technologies.