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ITWeb appoints social media manager, brand ambassador

ITWeb's social media activist, Tallulah Habib, has been promoted to social media manager and ITWeb brand ambassador.

Habib joined ITWeb in 2010 as a journalist, having won the inaugural ITWeb Journalism Bursary in 2008. The bursary is awarded annually to the best students at the Rhodes School of Journalism and Media Studies, who take up New Media as a specialisation.

“An excellent thinker with a genuine understanding of the social media space, Tallulah is able to spot trends and turn ideas into workable strategy and action,” says Ranka Jovanovic, ITWeb's editorial director. “Tallulah herself created the new social media activist position within ITWeb, and then quickly and naturally started running with it.”

"Social media is a new form of distribution, and a vital one,” says Habib. "It's become imperative for any media brand to be there because it's how people are choosing to consume their news.”

The media sector is faced with a tough challenge, according to Jovanovic, with publishers large and small scrambling to adapt to their readers' preferences, brought about by the rise of the social media phenomenon.

“Thanks to Tallulah's role, ITWeb has been able to fully embrace the change and put in place a social media programme and policies that make sense. This has enabled us to engage with readers, subscribers and clients in new ways, and integrate social media into both content delivery and client advertising and promotional strategies.

“This appointment, and the addition of brand ambassador to the title, reinforces the role Tallulah has successfully played over the past two years - promoting and building the ITWeb brand through the social media channel,” concludes Jovanovic.


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