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Value-added service to enhance in-vehicle video camera solution

Fleet and mobile asset management solutions group MiX Telematics has launched the gold MiX Vision Bureau Service, which further extends the value of the in-vehicle MiX Vision video camera solution.

The service is managed by MiX Telematics' team of professional video analysts and is offered as two-tiered - silver and gold - programmes.

"The silver tier focuses on fault reporting to ensure that the MiX Vision cameras operate optimally at all times. The more advanced gold tier looks holistically at driver behaviour while incorporating the fault reporting of the silver service," says MiX Telematics Africa fleet sales director Henry Smith.

He explains that the gold programme includes an array of driver-coaching tools to ensure risky driver behaviour can be addressed proactively and efficiently, without impacting on productivity. Progress can be tracked and monitored using online dashboards and trend reports, while driver reports can also be generated for record-keeping and comparative analysis purposes, all through the online portal.

Smith adds that MiX Telematics has extended the locally developed MiX Vision Bureau Service to international clients, including some in the US.

A longstanding local client - with about 400 vehicles - signed up for the MiX Vision Bureau Service gold programme in June this year, which could be activated swiftly as the client already had the MiX Vision cameras installed.

"The client needed help analysing the footage from the existing cameras and our team of video analysts were able to do that. The analysts are trained to focus specifically on retrieving footage of incidents and fault reporting, as well as to provide technical assistance with any other queries related to the MiX Vision solution. They provide feedback to help clients delve deeper into their visual data for better insight," Smith explains.

The client makes use of a range of MiX fleet management solutions, including the premium fleet management telematics and recovery services, the hands-free communication solution, the dual-facing in-cab cameras and, now, the MiX Vision Bureau Service.

Smith explains the implementation process included agreeing on the standard operating procedures.

"What critical driving events does the client want video footage to be flagged for? These could include over-speeding, harsh breaking, potential accidents and a panic button pressed, for example," Smith says.

With cameras already installed, setting up was a matter of adding the organisation to the MiX Vision Bureau Service online platform and having the client log on, while drivers received training to better understand how the solution works and how it benefits them and their employer.

MiX Vision combines video, vehicle and driver data for use in incident analysis, insurance claims, driver coaching and risk mitigation. The MiX Vision Bureau Service is an extension of the fleet camera investment and telematics solution. The video analysts provide regular feedback to clients concerning driver behaviour and the health status of the MiX Vision cameras, ensuring driver compliance and safety.

For the MiX Vision and MiX Vision Bureau Service to reach their full potential, drivers need to understand the full benefits of the solutions installed, Smith says.

"It is important to ensure that a proper debriefing takes place so that the drivers can understand that the camera is also there to help them. Firstly, video footage provides context for driving incidents and can help prove that the driver was not at fault. Secondly, from a coaching perspective, drivers can improve their driving style, which, in turn, can help them achieve their incentives," he explains.

He concludes that to get the most from a fleet camera investment, a fleet manager needs to find out what tools and services are available to them to ensure they are fully using their investments to maintain a competitive edge.

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