NWU academic awarded a Science Oscar

Issued by North West University
North-West, Jul 9, 2019

Professor Elvis Fosso-Kankeu from the North-West University's (NWU's) School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering, walked away with the Engineering Research Capacity Development Award at the recent NSTF-South32 Awards.

The annual NSTF-South32 Awards are the largest science, engineering, technology (SET) and innovation awards in SA. They are known as the 'Science Oscars' and were the first science awards in the country.

Fosso-Kankeu received the award for his research contribution towards the improvement of water quality in the country. His research focused on the prediction of the dispersion of inorganic and organic pollutants from industrial areas into the water sources, the monitoring of surface water quality and development of sustainable treatment methods for the remediation of water pollution.

He has pursued a particular interest for work in communities affected by extreme water scarcity and pollution, as well as an interest in innovative technologies to assist the power industry to minimise its footprint by ensuring a zero liquid effluent discharge. He has therefore coupled community-based projects with innovative projects and explored a wide range of avenues to disseminate his findings.

"It is my first time winning an NSTF (National Science and Technology Forum) award," said Fosso-Kankeu. "The category that I was nominated in was extremely competitive, and I am truly honoured to have received this prestigious award."

Fosso-Kankeu was a finalist in two categories last year but did not win. This year he was a finalist in three categories, and finally walked away with an award.

"I would like to thank the Almighty, my family, NWU management and my students and collaborators, who have been working with me on various research projects," he concluded.