Tanya van Deventer was born to create

Issued by North West University
Johannesburg, Nov 23, 2020

Tanya van Deventer, a 23-year-old Master of Arts student in Graphic Design from the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus, was over the moon when her design was chosen as one of three to grace the Nescafé Ricoffy tins.

South Africans were given the opportunity to design a “Proudly me” Nescafé Ricoffy limited edition label. All the designs were inspired by pride and had to showcase what it means to be “Proudly Me”.

More than 312 entries were received from across the country and Van Deventer’s design was voted as one of the three competition winners.

“I was inspired by Ricoffy’s slogan, which is to share the fresh, smooth taste,” she says.

“I saw the competition on social media. When I saw the theme was ‘Proudly Me’, and aimed to celebrate Heritage Day, I knew I could not miss this opportunity.”

She also says that the idea of a cup of coffee uniting South Africans for a moment is what fuelled her design, and she included South Africans of all shapes, colours and sizes.

“My design represents the wide variety of rich cultures and personalities we are blessed with.”

She also says that despite our differences, as South Africans we are all interconnected, and her design was meant to communicate the fact that we are like different puzzle pieces that fit together and create unity.

When Van Deventer is not designing, she is illustrating, creating characters and binge watching crime documentaries. She describes herself as a fauna and flora lover, and as an optimistic ambivert with her head in the clouds – constantly daydreaming.

“My mother is such an inspiration and role model to me. I look up to her and strive to be a hard-working woman like she is. Like her, I always try to be my best self and push myself in every challenge I am faced with, or I would rather say, blessed with.”

Van Deventer thanks her parents for always encouraging her to do her best. She also thanks her brother for always cheering her up, and also her lecturers, specifically Heniel Fourie and Jo-Ann Chen.

“They have played a major role in my graphic design journey and have always encouraged me to do my best while guiding me through hard times. They made me the creative person I am today,” she says.

“I have this somewhat cheesy saying that sums up my passion in life: I was created to create,” she says. In five years’ time she sees herself as part of a team in the industry who share her vision.

When asked how she feels about her achievement, she says she is overwhelmed by the amount of support she has been receiving.

“This was such an unexpected blessing in my life, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share what I love to do. My strength comes from above – He gives it to me, He’ll bring me through it.”

Contact person: Belinda Bantham
Contact details: [email protected].