NWU hosts successful press club networking forum

Issued by North West University
North-West, Nov 15, 2019

"We want to prepare our students to be business plan writers, job creators and futurists opposed to being merely CV senders. This is, after all, the responsibility of higher education institutions and never has there been a more appropriate time than now to step up and be of service to our country."

This is according to Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor of the North-West University (NWU), during a recent press club networking forum in Pretoria.

Prof Kgwadi was addressing members of the National Press Club and spoke about the university's transformation agenda, which includes aspects such as language and curriculum reform, social justice and unity.

In his address, the vice-chancellor thanked the media fraternity for the critical role they play as watchdogs for civil society, shapers of public opinion, leaders of public discourse and champions of democracy.

NWU: an enabler of social justice

In relating the journey of the NWU's recent restructuring process from a federal to a unitary structure, Prof Kgwadi said the university's change agenda is devoted to ensuring not only unity, but also equity of provision. In highlighting the latter, he focused on the university's commitment to social justice.

"For us, social justice is about providing access to a quality education, and through our core teaching and learning provision, training and community involvement, we work tirelessly to ensure that no one is left behind," said the vice-chancellor.

He added that by heeding the call for social justice, the university not only assists in rectifying the legacy of the past, but also elevates the country to its rightful place as a continental front-runner.

He explained that at the heart of the university's social justice efforts lies the quest to collaborate and to engage, and by doing so, directly impact the lives of all South Africans. Through engagement, the university shares knowledge and expertise, invest in innovative problem-solving and develops initiatives that have practical applications for real-time challenges.

"Every day we excel, we are one step closer to realising our dream to be an internationally recognised university in Africa, distinguished for engaged scholarship, social responsiveness and an ethic of care," concluded Prof Kgwadi.

* The aim of the annual networking forum is to keep communication professionals and journalists abreast with the latest developments at the university. The event also provides a valuable networking platform from where new relationships can be forged and future collaborations can be discussed.