Ikateleng helping students get distinctions

Issued by North West University
Johannesburg, Apr 21, 2021
Sabata Abram Mafobokoane

Sabata Abram Mafobokoane, who was part of the Ikateleng initiative in 2020, made headlines after attaining eight distinctions for his National Senior Certificate. Ikateleng has been in existence for approximately 33 years and provides supplementary teaching in mathematics, economics, business studies, accounting, life sciences, physical sciences and English to high school learners from Grade 10 to Grade 12.

Mafobokoane, who was a learner at Poelano Secondary School in Evaton, Gauteng, started attending Ikateleng on 1 February 2020.

“Coping during the pandemic was really challenging and having to study on my own was difficult, because I was used to being spoon-fed. I was able to achieve my current results by rearranging my study timetable, using the study resources from Ikateleng, and listening to the Ikateleng teachers when they communicated in-depth knowledge and information on topics that were not fully covered at school,” says Mafobokoane.

With his impressive results, Mafobokoane was accepted to study towards a BSc Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering. He advises learners who look up to him to work hard and believe in their dreams. He says that in five years, he will have completed his qualification, be employed in the biomedical industry, and building life-changing prosthetics.

Where there is a will, there is a way

The NWU has proven time and again that it is dedicated not only to the academic excellence of its students, but also to providing social justice and supporting communities.

Even though the campus venues were closed due to COVID-19 protocols and other venues had to be sourced in 2020, Ikateleng still managed to assist 847 learners, 563 of whom were in Grade 12.

“All six of our centres had to close during hard lockdown. We managed to open again when schools reopened. However, we were not able to bring back the Grade 10 pupils, and only four of the six centres could accommodate the Grade 11s,” says Lemogang Masethe, Ikateleng programme co-ordinator. Masethe says when schools reopened, instead of providing supplementary teaching, they had to finish the school curriculum and ensure that the learners were ready to write their preparatory and final exams.

This year’s registration started on 27 March and formal teaching will start in April. A total of 1 320 learners are expected to join Ikateleng this year. The NWU will continue to comply with COVID-19 regulations and ensure that the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) is available at all centres.

“The NWU is dedicated to showing its ethic of care and social responsiveness. To our donors, NWK, Sanlam and Safripol: you have helped us become greater, and for that we thank you,” concludes Masethe.

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