NWU aims for LGBTIQ+ feather in its cap

Issued by North West University
Johannesburg, Oct 27, 2020
Blessing Sam Mmutle proudly self-identifies as a woman and applauds the NWU for working towards even more inclusivity and acceptance.

The NWU is constantly working towards building a culture of inclusion and acceptance. To this end, it has put in place policies and programmes that promote gender equality for both students and staff.

These efforts have scored the university a nomination at the upcoming Feather Awards in the Best LGBTIQ+ Student Movement category.

These awards are dedicated to uplifting the names of LGBTIQ+ activists who are doing important work in communities across the country. It also pays homage to supportive media bodies, LGBTIQ+ student movements and selected role models who enrich and back the community.

The awards will take place on 11 November 2020 at a closed ceremony in Johannesburg.

Working towards achieving equality

Blessing Sam Mmutle, an NWU alumnus and employee, says her time at the university has been nothing but pleasant. Living as a transgender, Mmutle has received a lot of support from her superiors, colleagues and fellow classmates while she was a student.

She recently received documentation from home affairs that states she can now legally self-identify as a woman.

“Even though I recently received this document, the university has always allowed me, from my student years until now as an employee, to self-identify my gender and to dress the way I want without any fear of prejudice,” says Mmutle.

At the NWU, staff and students are encouraged to self-identify their gender. The university fully supports and creates a safe space for the LGBTIQA+ community to express themselves openly and freely. It has the Gender Benefit Network, a fundraising network, for LGBTIQA+ staff and allies within and outside the university.

The NWU also has a Steering Committee for Awareness of Gender that aims to promote awareness and support for gender-related initiatives at the university.

Contact person: Louis Jacobs
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