Conference on topology, algebra, analysis, geometry honours academic

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North West, Sep 9, 2015

NWU Mafikeng Campus is currently hosting a conference on topology, algebra, analysis and geometry (TAAG) in honour of Prof Jamshid Moori, who was the founder member of the Mathematics Department on the campus.

TAAG is an international conference which is in its sixth leg in a series of annual conferences that involves the University of Namibia, University of Botswana, University of South Africa and North-West University (Mafikeng Campus). The conference runs until 11 September at the Mmabatho Palms Hotel.

Professor Moori (70) is an NRF B-rated mathematician who established the Mathematics Department in the erstwhile "Unibo", now NWU Mafikeng Campus, in 1983, and headed the department for 11 years. After a stint of 21 years at the University of Natal, he was lured back to the NWU in 2010 as a Research Professor. During his career, he produced more than 150 publications on the topic of mathematics.

Several distinguished professors from different universities in South Africa and neighbouring countries also addressed the conference, namely Professor James Raftery from University of Pretoria; Professor Thomas Bier from University of Botswana; Professor Patrice Ntumba from University of Pretoria; Dr Martin Mugochi from University of Namibia; and Professor Bernado Rodrigues from University of KwaZulu-Natal.

When asked about this conference, Professor Moori had this to say: "It is a very important conference, as it is an international conference; it is also a pure mathematics conference with renowned international mathematicians."

The proceedings of TAAG 2015 will be published in a special edition of the Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society (BIMS) with Professor Betha Wilkens, Dr Thekiso Seretlo and Professor Themba Dube, who will be acting as guest editors for the edition.