Mafikeng Campus commemorates Africa Day with prestige lecture

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Johannesburg, Jun 1, 2015

As South Africa recognises itself as an integral part of the African continent, the North-West University Mafikeng Campus joined the rest of Africa in celebrating Africa Day, with a prestige lecture on 25 May, which was presented by Dr Fholisani Sydney Mufamadi. The lecture was titled: "Challenges of racism, ethnicity and xenophobia".

Former safety and security and local government minister Mufamadi says to know the importance of unity, the youth should learn more about the South African history.

During his lecture, he highlighted the importance of mobilisation on the continent to confront these challenges and that South Africans have lost their way in achieving the aims and objectives of the fight for liberation. The government should be proactive and address the needs in communities and make education a priority to infuse a sense of pride among Africans and to avoid xenophobic attacks.

He also referred to the politicised identities of race and tribe as well as their integration into the colonial governance. Regarding ethnicity, he discussed the rallying cry of the foundation generation of nationalist leader as well as the responses and challenges of ethnicity and how Africa is dealing with its diversity.

Talking about xenophobia, Mufamadi said we are in a state where we witness our fellow Africans losing their lives in a wave of attacks on foreign nationals across parts of South Africa. "Violence and killings can never be the solution to all our problems. Instead we should rise above the challenges facing us as a nation and build a better legacy for our coming generations, not letting our social ills and mishaps define our beautiful nation."