Disability is no barrier to achieving academic excellence

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North West, May 25, 2016

To be disabled is not a barrier to achieve academic excellence. This was evident during the past autumn graduation ceremony where 24 students living with disabilities in the Mafikeng Campus were conferred with various degrees.

All 24 of the students were receiving support from the campus disability unit as part of the commitment to create an accessible and welcoming environment for all students. The unit's mission is to ensure that all members of the campus community have equal access to educational opportunities so they can participate freely and actively in all facets of university life.

This students' story highlights their courage and determination despite their physical challenges and are living proof that disability is certainly no barrier to achieving academic excellence. Their achievements show that the unit is committed to working towards the goal of creating an equal, accessible and welcoming environment for all students.

This is also echoed by Mrs Vida Mutlaneng, the coordinator of the disability unit. According to her, disability substantially limits one or more major life activities but it doesn't have to act as a barrier to prospective students aspiring to further their studies in institutions of higher learning. "Attending University with a disability doesn't have to be a source of stress or anxiety as the institution now offers exceptional services to help students in every step of their journey. Mafikeng campus congratulates all these students for being a living testimony that disability is not a barrier to achieving excellence in University as some of the students graduated with distinctions" she said.

This clearly shows that the NWU Mafikeng Campus is an enabler of students from all walks of life and delivers well-rounded graduates to contribute to society.