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Quality, affordable education essential to higher education in SA

The Independent Institute of Education's (the IIE) Rosebank College offers high value in South Africa's higher education landscape. In an unforgiving economy where every rand counts, finding value for money has never been more important.

While President Jacob Zuma announced "free education" for first-year students from households with a combined annual income of up to R350 000 in December 2017 - South Africa's 26 universities will clearly not manage to cater to all qualifying students.

"Public universities have limited facilities. Current indications are that existing first-year places at the universities are around 10% of the total demand they are experiencing. It is therefore clear that private institutions will have to offer higher education to prospective qualifying students who do not get space," says Greg Fillmore, Managing Director at Rosebank College.

"Despite rising fees among private education costs globally, The IIE's Rosebank College has managed to keep its fees affordable, despite the fact that it receives no government funding. It provides the essentials and focuses primarily on effective teaching and learning using excellent ICT resources and other teaching aids to achieve this," adds Fillmore.

In addition to this, Rosebank College ensures its year-on-year fee increases are kept at, or under, inflation levels. "This keeps us extremely competitive while we maintain the excellent standards required by the IIE. Combine this with quality education and our focus on employability and our total offering sets us apart from all our competitors," concludes Fillmore.

Other ways in which Rosebank College keeps costs low for its students is by offering affordable and flexible payment terms. At Rosebank College, you pay a R1 500 registration fee for any full-time IIE qualification of your choice, regardless of how much your qualification costs. You have the option of paying your IIE qualification fee over a period of 11 months and you only need to start paying towards your qualification at the end of February

IIE Rosebank College

Rosebank College is an educational brand of the IIE and is dedicated to providing students with a solid foundation, creating future thinkers to build successful careers. The IIE quality, accredited courses at Rosebank College have a strong technological focus, enabling you to thrive in today's working world.

Whether you study at the college's Braamfontein, Auckland Park, Pretoria CBD, Pretoria Sunnyside or Durban campuses, and enrol for a degree, diploma or higher certificate, Rosebank College is a worthy higher education partner for all students who entrust the college with their career development. For more information, please visit

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