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Why you should study in Polokwane

Polokwane is the capital city of the Limpopo province. This beautiful city boasts a vibrant mix of people and culture as the urban heartbeat of the Limpopo province. From great places to hang out, nature to absorb and grand shopping centres to experience, this is a city jammed-packed with a variety of things to do and see.

If you would like to study further next year, then consider Polokwane. Not only does the city offer as much excitement as some of our big cities, this is the hub of Limpopo, with ample job and travel opportunities.

And now, Rosebank College will open its doors to its first digitally-enabled Connected Campus.

Below is a list of nine reasons why you should study in Polokwane in 2016:

1. Digitally-enabled Connected Campus

Rosebank College, an educational brand of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), has officially taken a digital leap by launching its first digitally enabled Connected Campus in Polokwane, Limpopo province. This is a technology-powered learning environment, which allows lecturers and students to share, gather and create knowledge resources and networks for the benefit of its students through the use of technology. Polokwane will be home to this institution of the future, which opens its doors in 2016.

2. Vibrant mix of culture

Polokwane is a cosmopolitan and exciting city. With a population of almost 510 000, this incredible metropolis boasts a vibrant mix of culture for students from around the country and the world.

3. New developments

In 2014, the Limpopo premier announced in the State of the Province address that he aims to grow the provincial economy by 5% by 2019. The province has identified infrastructure development, industrialisation and manufacturing as the game plan to achieve that goal. This will be in addition to mining, agriculture and tourism. With this in mind, you can align your qualifications with the future needs of this fast developing city by choosing a qualification that will make you more employable.

4. Airport in Polokwane

Polokwane International Airport, formerly known as Pietersburg Airport or Gateway International Airport, boasts world-class facilities and services. The airport is built on 945 hectares of land with ample retail and commercial spaces to cater to its clients. This allows for easy travel to other cities around the country at your convenience.

5. Reliable public transport

Locals in Polokwane have easy access to reliable public transport such as taxis and buses. There are also trains for long distance trips to Johannesburg at affordable prices. This is the transport hub for all areas in and out of Limpopo, making travel easy.

6. Inexpensive accommodation

Accommodation in Polokwane is affordable. Choose to stay in a cottage, flat or room near college for a price that suits your pocket.

7. Safety

Polokwane means place of safety. This is one of the safest cities in South Africa.

8. Friendly locals

Polokwane is one of the friendliest cities in South Africa. Locals are very welcoming, and you are very unlikely to feel like an outsider in the city.

9. Warm climate

If you are still unsure, consider the amazing weather that remains hot in winter, reaching highs of 33 degrees.

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