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Becoming a global graduate

The uncertainty of finding a job after years of tertiary studies continues to remain one of the leading concerns for prospective graduates in South Africa.

Students in their final year of studies usually feel the pressure of gaining industry-related experience out of fear of not being able to secure a job once they have completed their studies.

Although not many tertiary institutions assist with job placements, Rosebank College has placed over 2 618 Independent Institute of Education (IIE) graduates in first-time jobs through its graduate empowerment programme since 2012.

The programme, which only began in 2012, has sourced employees for Cell C, Bidvest Paperplus, Apple i-Store and Internet Solutions, to name a few.

The purpose of the programme is to equip graduates with skills, understanding and personal attributes, making them more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation.

An average of six IIE graduates who went through the programme were placed daily during 2014.

Fields in which IIE graduates study at Rosebank College include IT management, journalism, public relations, office administration, construction and engineering drafting, business management and business administration, to name only a few.

Built on feedback received from companies in which the graduates are placed, the graduate empowerment programme relies heavily on the direct feedback from client organisations about the attributes that new graduates most need.

The graduate empowerment programme coaches graduates on how to distinguish themselves from others and become more employable - basically becoming a "global graduate".

Graduates are being "career coached" and taught how to compile a winning cover letter, CV writing, how to dress the part, and how to best sell themselves in an interview.

For more information on the Graduate Empowerment Programme, contact Rosebank College at 011 403 3680.