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Do you have what it takes to study distance?

While studying through distance allows you the flexibility to upskill yourself and do other things such as work, it is worth mentioning that not everyone is suited for this type of study mode. The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) offers full-time, part-time and distance study options through Rosebank College, allowing students to choose the study option that suits them best.

In order to be successful as a student studying through distance mode, you need to be determined and self-disciplined. Students need to seriously question their level of commitment before they embark on distance study and also consider the demands of their full-time employment and social responsibilities.

Although it depends on the particular qualification you wish to complete, most distance courses are self-paced and rely on you to get ahead. You need to be able to manage your time, and you definitely need to be self-motivated.

Who is best suited for distance learning?

According to Rebecca Shimmin, Distance Operations Manager at the IIE, students who want flexibility are best suited for distance study.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the support from friends and family needed for me to be successful with my studies? Perhaps even your employer needs to buy in to the new journey you will embark on, as you may have to take time off work occasionally to write tests or study for exams.

Do I have access to the Internet? Can you find the quiet time needed in your schedule to complete your assignments? If you are able to take control of your own learning and have the discipline needed to do so, then you are on the right track.

"When done right, there is no more distance in distance - just a great deal of flexibility and self-paced learning without any of the isolation," adds Shimmin.

Study through distance

With a range of IIE qualifications to choose from, Rosebank College offers additional support to students looking to study with us.

Students receive a detailed online learning "How to guide" to assist them with their queries. Students are supported with a welcome phone call to assist them with on-boarding so that they are not so overwhelmed. Students also have access to the Student Hub to assist them with queries. Students also have direct access to tutors and admin staff to assist with content and admin queries. Detailed assignment feedback is also issued to students and they have access to previous summative papers.

Why study distance at RC?

* Study materials are included in your tuition fees;* No application fee is charged when studying distance;* You have the flexibility and freedom to study around work and other commitments;* Study from home or from any other location that is convenient for you;* Study at your own pace, and in your own time;* Affordable payment terms that suit your pocket;* Save on transport and accommodation costs that usually come with face-to-face tuition; and* Most importantly, you can work and study, all at the same time.

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