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Rosebank College partners with Fundafuture Bursary Project

Rosebank College, an educational brand of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), is a proud participant of the Fundafuture Bursary Project. Fundafuture is a tertiary education crowdfunding platform that aims to assist students, in particular, those who are not rich enough to pay for their own studies, and not poor enough to qualify for grants through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

"Rosebank College made a strategic decision to partake in the Fundafuture Bursary Project after realising that some students were unable to complete their studies, to graduate, even deferring completion of their studies to a later date due to various financial constraints," says Lillian Bususu, National Graduate Development Manager at Rosebank College National Office. "We decided to assist these students by approaching our client partners for assistance for funding through their CSI initiatives for this purpose," added Bususu.

Rosebank College currently has 1 420 students on its books who are unable to complete their studies due to financial constraints. Anyone or any organisation can partner with Rosebank College to raise funds for these students; simply visit the Rosebank College page and click on the student they want to sponsor and then start donating. "Any financial assistance will go a long way in securing the future of our young people," says Bususu.

The idea behind Fundafuture is to pay it forward - so graduates who are successful and become economically active are then able to, in turn, sponsor other students at a later stage, and so forth.

Gift Mazibuko, studying an IIE Diploma in Information Technology Management, received a R25 290 sponsorship from Tractionel Enterprise. Mazibuko's aunt Dudu Xulu was barely managing to pay for his fees because his mother wasn't working. "The monthly expenses far exceeded my income and hence I had outstanding debt of R5 500 at Rosebank College," says Xulu. "Besides this, I had to also pay for all of Gift's monthly medical expenses and consultations. This bursary is a blessing to all of us and thank God for giving us this opportunity."

Asked about his funding, Mazibuko says: "I am very happy about the bursary, as it is a relief for my aunt. She was battling to pay, and when I was called and told that I was earmarked for bursary - it's funny that that day, I didn't have transport money to come to school. I started praying and thank God for the bursary. I am happy and grateful that Rosebank College gave me this opportunity to access this bursary. It could have been anyone else, but it was me who got it. I am intending to work and study hard, so that I can get the bursary for next year as well, as I would love to finish this diploma and start helping my family. I want to also extend my gratitude to Tractionel Enterprise for this money and also giving us a monthly stipend for transport and food. What a relief. Thank you."

Rosebank College

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