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A digital age

Who would have thought 10 years ago that digital marketing would in actual fact be a discipline that one could study and make a living from? That the art of using your smartphone, e-mails, tablets and online data will be one of the most talked about and competitive subjects in the 21st century. For the average South African, it is almost unthinkable that the battery on your mobile phone should run out, never mind the thought of not having a mobile phone at all.

People are constantly connected - and because of this, people are also constantly available, whether to family, friends or opportunistic companies. It is for this exact reason that digital marketing is such a popular new discipline, rapidly changing the face of marketing.

Young enthusiasts with a keen interest in the digital and online space and who thrive in a dynamic environment should definitely consider a career as a digital marketer. Typical positions vary, from digital content developer, strategist, copywriter, accounts executive and manager. Salaries can range from R13 000 to R35 000 per month, depending on experience and skill.

"Success lies within the realm of mastering the digital marketing and communication space," says Bernard van der Spuy, National Communications Manager at Rosebank College. "It is a discipline that can no longer be ignored, and if a company is not a part of this space, creating a strong presence performance will falter. If your company does not form a part of the online conversation, your competitor is sure to steal the show."

Newly developed practices such as video on-demand, second screening and numerous social platforms are pushing companies to constantly better themselves, not only keeping up with the newest trends but also feeling the pressure to be trendsetters. It is a race, a constant challenge to stay informed, relevant and on top of your clients' needs. Companies are taking conversations to the digital world and need the expertise, eagerness and tech savvy of young professionals that are eager to learn how to play in the digital space.

The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) offers a three-year full-time Bachelor of Commerce in Digital Marketing degree at Rosebank College, a brand the IIE. This is the ideal qualification to kick-start your career and become a role-player in this new and exciting industry.

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