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A bright future awaits VUT graduates

Joy and pride could be seen on the faces of parents and family members as they celebrated the virtual graduation ceremony while their children collected their hard-earned certificates during the two-week period that commenced on Monday, 7 June 2021 until Friday, 18 June 2021 at the VUT Isak Steyl Sport Stadium.

In total, 2 618 students graduated from the faculties of Engineering and Technology, Applied and Computer Sciences, Human Sciences and Management Sciences.

This is a celebration of the fact that VUT is con­tributing to South Africa’s economy by pro­viding skilled future employees and entrepreneurial graduates. Ten Doctoral and 20 Masters graduates across all faculties received their much-awaited qualifications during this period.

VUT prides itself on the grow­ing number of staff members that are graduating to better their skills. It certainly boosts the confidence of the student community in their lecturers who continue to improve their skills to keep abreast with changing trends in their work environment and the cor­porate world.

In his congratulatory message, VUT Administrator Professor Rensburg said: “As you ascend to the pinnacles of your chosen professions, keep in mind that not everyone in our society is as fortunate as you are. As responsible corporate citizens and future leaders, you should feel compelled to do whatever you can, whenever you can, to make positive contributions to society.”

He further elaborated that VUT is confident the student’s future journey will be marked by self-reflection, self-criticism, honesty, innovation, agility and dynamism; as well as the belief that, despite everything, a better future awaits us all, and that you will grow in wisdom regardless of how long it takes.

In her congratulatory address, Professor Maggie Linington, DVC, said: Teaching, Learning and Student Support Services advised students to remain passionate, find something they really care about, that stirs the blood and soul.

“The world is imperfect, there are many causes out there, the plight of the vulnerable is a multitude, from gender-based violence, poverty, education, patriarchy, rape, femicide, malnutrition, exploitation, human trafficking, to universal education. There are many causes to fight for, or issues to fight against. Find the one that really moves you and through knowledge, create a learned passion. Make sure you keep that fire glowing and don’t let the concerns of work, family and income put it out,” she said. 

One of the Doctoral graduates said: “I knew I’d make it here because I spoke my dream into existence."

Congratulations to all VUT graduates. VUT is proud of you.

Below is the link to the virtual graduation ceremony:

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