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An exciting pool tournament

Vaal University of technology (VUT) Alumni hosted its 2017 pool tournament on 20 May at the VUT cafeteria. The tournament was considered "sensational" according to the 10 students who participated in it. There were three prize winners.

Siphelele Keyi, studying Electrical Engineering, won the classic bristle dartboard when he defeated the best pool player known as Theo, who had until then intimidated everyone in the tournament.

Keyi's story is an interesting one: his parents used to own a tavern and he started playing pool at the age of seven. He said he used to play pool for fun and it was not something he has taken seriously in his life, but this tournament may have changed his thoughts!

"This was my first tournament and I feel honoured. I am extremely excited to win the prize and am considering doing other tournaments. I have finally found my skill, since I was lacking in soccer as a child," he said.

Simon Ngwato, also studying Electrical Engineering, won a cue and case set but said he was disappointed about coming in second as he had started off well.

Third place went to Samoya Mojapelo aka Fresh who is studying Policing. He said that the tournament was much more exciting and inspiring compared to last year's one. He mentioned that his opponent was much more challenging and strategic.

All the players said they wished pool would be considered a sport at VUT and that more competitions would be hosted.