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VUT brand audit conducted by Boomtown

Boomtown has been appointed, through the official procurement procedure of the Vaal University of Technology, to conduct an extensive brand audit that will produce a focused marketing and brand strategy. The outcome of the brand audit will assist VUT to re-position itself as an institution of higher learning that leads in innovative knowledge and quality technology education.

The Corporate Affairs Department at the university is the main custodian of the brand, and wishes to craft a unique brand personality and identity for the Vaal University of Technology, through your participation in the brand audit.

The audit consist of face-to-face interviews, online questionnaires and telephonic interviews. All questions are designed to determine brand perceptions and opinions in order to develop a meaningful brand experience, and does not consist of any in-depth personal information.

As a valued stakeholder of VUT, you have been selected for a telephonic interview that will take place during the week of Monday, 27 June 2016 until Friday, 1 July 2016. Boomtown New Business Manager, Sue Gillespie will be your contact person for the telephonic interview. We herewith request your voluntary participation to assist VUT in this important exercise. Boomtown guarantees the total confidentiality and anonymousness of all participants and feedback.

Once more, we would like to sincerely thank you for your co-operation, participation and contribution to this very important exercise.

NB: For more information, kindly contact the brand audit team, Stuart Innell or Sue Gillespie at 041 364 0180.