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2017 autumn graduations open with cream of the crop

In line with its mission of creating a scholarly environment conducive for knowledge creation, learning and innovation, Vaal University has once again shown off what excellence truly is! The Faculty of Applied and Computer Science has set the tone, for the first time ever, with an impressive number of graduates receiving cum laude Magister Technologiae degrees all in one day.

A total number of six cum laude in Magister Technologiae in different fields were conferred on Monday, 3 April. This number indicates some of the research gaps in the country have been taken up, tested and proved.

The Department of Biotechnology conferred one cum laude in masters to Amara Unigwe; the Department of Information Technology conferred three masters in cum laude to Kazela Kazadi, Raoul Kwuimi and Tonderai Mapundu; with the Chemistry Department conferring two masters with a cum laude to Malvin Moyo and Benton Otieno.

These masters' students tackled different aspects within their respective fields and have showcased their capabilities to close the open gaps within their industry. They've certainly made VUT proud.