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Students shine with Vice-Chancellor's Award

By Puleng Maphisa

One of the many impressive observations on this year's graduations is the fact that the dominating number of graduates are women. This is a clear indication that transformation is taking place and certain fields are no longer deemed as just, a "male profession". VUT's Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Irene Moutlana also made mention of this. She said she was equally impressed with seeing so many young and passionate people proudly wearing their gowns, as she officially opened the 2017 Autumn Graduations on 3 April.

The Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences conferred 466 VUT graduates with National Diplomas, Baccalaureus Technologiaes (BTechs) and Magister Technologiaes (MTechs). Of the 466 graduates, a total number of 15 students received Cum Laude achievement. And three, well-deserving students were honoured with the Vice-Chancellor's Award in Biotechnology.

The students who receive this prestigious Vice-Chancellor's Award are selected on the basis that they've have obtained the highest average in their Faculty. Felicia Udochi who was conferred upon with a National Diploma in Biotechnology, Gary Mohlala with a BTech in Biotechnology and Evangeline Amara with an MTech in Biotechnology all were honoured with the Vice-Chancellor's Award.

One of the top achievers, Amara, from Nigeria, mentioned that she is excited to receive the Vice-Chancellor's Award. She said her gratitude firstly goes to God, for this opportunity was made possible by Him. She further thanked her supervisor and co-supervisor for being part of her research.

In closing the ceremony, Professor Moutlana gave a deep heartfelt thank you to all parents for believing and giving support to the students. "As a parent it is most difficult to send your children away for you do not know what will happen to them, whether they will come back or not all. Your expectation is for them to come back as graduates and this they have finally achieved," she said.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Vaal University of Technology's, Vanderbijlpark Campus at the Desmond Tutu Great Hall.