We are the Engine Behind the World’s Most Important Applications

Some applications are too important to fail. They support our healthcare systems, businesses, and governments. Health. Prosperity. Society. These are things that matter. What our clients strive to enable every day. And what our software helps make possible.

Our Technology

Millions of people around the world trust InterSystems with their livelihoods and even their lives. Every product we develop has been designed from the ground up with this idea in mind.

Why Are We Here?

To ensure that our clients have reliable, real-time access to the data they need to do their jobs—data they can connect to, share, and draw insights from.

IRIS: Our Unique Product Design Philosophy

Every product we build adheres to what we call the IRIS principle: Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive, and Scalable. These four defining characteristics are what set us apart from our competitors.

We Do Support Differently

We’re all in as a partner, and we’ll do whatever it takes for our clients to be successful. Going the extra mile is our policy.

Our best people are on the front lines 24/7 to provide our clients with immediate help, and we focus our time and attention to fully meet their needs.

Every one of our clients gets help from somebody who really cares, immediately, without having to go through layers of people or process. We make it easy. And by doing that, we help our clients succeed.

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Physical Address:

+27 11 3241800
InterSystems, Block B,
Cullinan Place, Cullinan Close,
Morningside, Sandton.

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