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InterSystems announces enhanced open source availability for InterSystems iKnow technology

Open source offering enables users to take further advantage of InterSystems iKnow advanced natural language processing capabilities.

InterSystems, a global leader in IT platforms for health, business and government applications, today announced that InterSystems iKnow, the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform natural language processing (NLP) technology, is now available via open source. Open source availability enables existing InterSystems partners and customers, as well as other organisations and academics, to capitalise on the unique and unbiased bottom-up approach that delivers deeper insights with NLP provided by InterSystems iKnow.

Moving the InterSystems iKnow software into the public domain makes it easier to embed the technology deep in applications and business processes inside and outside of InterSystems IRIS. It also enables customers to customise the technology at a foundational level, tune and broaden language models beyond what is possible within fixed release cycles of proprietary products.

"Accelerated insights can be derived from aggregated data using machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence," said Cynthia Burghard, research director at IDC. "With ever tightening budgets, open source solutions for NLP will be an attractive option for any organisation looking to apply automation to their work."

InterSystems will continue to support InterSystems iKnow as part of the InterSystems IRIS platform for exploration and search use cases and provide long-term support and maintenance to the open sourced projects. InterSystems IRIS customers will have access to InterSystems iKnow technology free as part of their InterSystems IRIS investment.

"Organisations are being pressured to innovate faster to keep pace with the demands of today's automated workplace," said Jeff Fried, director of product management for InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. "Harnessing natural language is key to delivering the intelligent applications that make this possible. Making InterSystems iKnow available to the public is part of our initiative to provide our customers, partners and the broader technology community with the tools and resources required to reach their full potential and make a lasting impact in healthcare, business, government and more."


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