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InterSystems announces webinar series for developers: IRIS Tech Talks

InterSystems presents the "InterSystems IRIS Tech Talks" series of webinars, offering insights and lessons into how to develop and deploy its technologies for the greatest business impact. They offer a deep dive into the latest features of InterSystems IRIS 2020.1, providing developers the resources they need to build high-quality innovative applications.

Using practical examples, these free-to-attend online sessions are designed to tackle relevant industry issues that developers face, with candid discussions and practical use cases.

Sessions in the IRIS Tech Talks series include:

Using Java and .Net

Many developers already know how to develop using .Net and Java and have applications that need modernising. This instalment of the InterSystems IRIS 2020.1 Tech Talks places the spotlight on extending customers' existing and new Java and .Net code to use InterSystems IRIS. Viewers will be given a demonstration on how to create a custom interoperability component with InterSystems' new Productions Extensions (PEX) feature. Following that, the demonstration will also show how to call Java or .Net code from any InterSystems ObjectScript code. Date: 16 June

Using InterSystems Managed FHIR Service in the AWS Cloud

Use of the public cloud is on the rise and developers are increasingly following an API-first development approach. This InterSystems IRIS 2020.1 Tech Talk provides insight into how to use InterSystems Managed FHIR Service in the AWS Cloud. Starting with an overview of FHIR (Healthcare Interoperability Resources), users will learn how to provision the InterSystems IRIS FHIR server in the cloud, integrate their data with the FHIR server and use SMART on FHIR applications and enterprise identity. The session will also discuss an API-first development approach using the InterSystems IRIS FHIR server and cover scalability, availability, security, regulatory and compliance requirements for using InterSystems FHIR as a managed service in the AWS Cloud. Date: 30 June

Speed under pressure

Many businesses are data-driven and therefore need to consume data at speed and in large volumes, and often that means leveraging containers and cloud computing. But speed is always relative, so first you must test. This session offers a practical view on the open source Ingestion Speed Test. InterSystems will explain the architecture of the Ingestion Speed Test and how it uses Docker containers to run it on PCs. It also shows how InterSystems Cloud Manager is used to run the test on Amazon Web Services to compare the performance of InterSystems IRIS with other databases, such as AWS Aurora. This will enable attendees to use the Ingestion Speed Test on InterSystems Open Exchange for their own testing and benchmarking. Date: 14 July

For developers who want to develop their skillset further, InterSystems also provide a range of pre-recorded on-demand talks that focus on data science, machine learning and analytics, API-first development, integrated development environments and DevOps.

Participation is free and customers, partners and media can register at:


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