MBDA statement: Old St Peter’s site opens in time for bumper cruise liner season

Issued by Mandela Bay Development
Johannesburg, Jan 8, 2024
Best views in the Bay.

The now revamped and developed St Peter's Heritage and Tourism site is open as a new addition to our city's tourism offerings.

The St Peter's site was purchased by the MBDA more than five years ago with the vision of transforming this space and restoring the pride that was associated with South End.

Fisherman sculptures.

The project was disrupted by successive COVID-19 lockdowns, and this delayed works on site. Now with the old church building stabilised, a boardwalk built to embrace this marvel, and new works of art tell the maritime and fishing livelihood stories that are embedded in the ways of living in South End, before, during and after the forced removals of the 1960s.

Former church building.

The site is now open to receive visitors and locals, and we have teamed up with the tourism office of NMBM to reach out to all inbound tours. The deck and glorious views are perfect for family gatherings, picnics, live performances and just about any activity to enjoy overlooking our magnificent harbour and ocean. A special invitation is to those who have heritage or family roots from this part of the world (Old South End); we look forward to hearing their stories so these can be documented and shared with the rest of the world to keep the memory of this special place alive for generations.

Former church building.

This development is open this summer season, and look out for a fitting grand opening in the new year.

We hope to see all at St Peters during these holidays and our tour guide (Mike Phantsi) is ready to offer visitors a memorable experience. Phantsi can be contacted directly for group tours at 072 230 6849.

  • Operating hours: 8am – 5pm
  • Public holidays – Also open
  • Entrance – Via Piere Street (from Walmer Boulevard)