At MiWayLife, we’ve reimagined how life insurance should work. We’re proud to offer personalised life and funeral cover for the bold, vibrant and eclectic South African families that we all know and love to ensure that every day South Africans can get cover that suits them and their unique lifestyles.
MiWayLife offers a 4-in-1 policy with only one monthly premium.

At the core of MiWayLife’s culture are the four values that we live, breathe, and apply to everything we do - freedom, attitude, energy, and accountability. These four values inspire and motivate us, and are embodied at all levels of the company, from CEO through to each and every consultant serving our clients’ needs.

The right mixture of attitude and energy ensures we always give our best to our work, and meet challenges head on – but with a smile. Embracing freedom as a core value encourages employees to make their own decisions, to express themselves and to develop new ideas, whilst still remaining accountable.

In turn, accountability allows us to take responsibility for our actions, and holds ourselves personally accountable, aspiring to do better.

MiWayLife’s company culture embodies ‘life insurance reimagined. We’re a family of vibrant and energetic free-thinkers, constantly looking to innovate and turn the industry on its head.

We’re not just reimagining life insurance for customers, but for staff too.

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