Snupit crosses milestone of 30 000 monthly quote requests by customers

Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Aug 16, 2018

South Africa's leading local services platform Snupit is now processing 30 000 quote requests from customers every month. These customers are collectively looking for a wide range of professionals, from handymen to wedding caterers to tutors. This means an increase in leads and subsequent revenue for local professionals and small businesses.

Founder and CEO of Snupit, Avinash Samlall, said about crossing this milestone: "This is a great metric for our success and the success of the pros. As more leads roll in for the local businesses, everyone's a winner. More people get their job done, more people earn higher, and the economy also gets better."

Snupit attributes a big part of this growth to keep the platform free to join. Professionals are given little resistance to sign-up as there are no membership fees. The only time they pay anything is when they provide a quote to a potential customer for a project. Simply receiving projects for a quote doesn't cost a cent. This keeps the pros, who are really serious about serving a customer, easy to find for customers. Ultimately, this spurs the growth of more customers joining in and requesting quotes from pros.

The ability to manage their budget and spend only on projects they are interested in makes the most willing and capable professionals apply for a job. "This encourages an increasing number of customers to request a quote," added Samlall. "We have been able to reach this impressive milestone because we have made Snupit inherently efficient for both pros and customers. We expect more customers joining and requesting quotes because they know the platform will deliver what they need, and quickly."

So far, the efficient business model and easy-to-use interface of the platform and its apps have worked out well. This latest milestone is an indication of excellent progress and how well Snupit is achieving its goal of connecting more local businesses and customers across the country.