Snupit Pro tips: create a strong business profile and get hired more often

Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Apr 1, 2017

Snupit has implemented a new scorecard system, the higher your points, the higher you appear in the Snupit search results. To increase your chances of being hired on Snupit, we recommend a full score.

How does the Snupit scorecard system work?

Points are allocated as below for your business profile.

Photos: 20 points (5+ Photos) Reviews: 25 points (5+ Reviews) Tag Line: 15 points About Us: 20 points (40+ words) Q & A: 10 points Contact Info: 10 points

Add photos to your profile

Uploading photos of your past and current products/services makes your business more visually appealing and welcomes potential customers to get to know you and your work. Just two photos can increase your hire rate - we recommend five photos to give you maximum scoring points.

Ask for reviews

Reviews are a major factor customers read when they decide who to hire. Pros who have at least one review get hired 75% more than those without reviews. We recommend five+ reviews to create a strong profile. Ask reviews from both past and present customers.

Complete your profile

Customers want to know why they should hire you, so use this opportunity to tell them what makes you great and why you are passionate about the work you do.

* Write a concise profile description in "About Us" so you can inform customers what you do and how you go about doing your work. * Add a tag line that is catchy and briefly advertises your services. * Answer a few questions about your business, its background, any training and certifications you hold, and lastly, tell a story about a previous job you completed and why it was special to you.

A completed profile will not only help customers get to know you, but it will show off your experience and skills. This is sure to make your profile stand out from your competitors so customers have plenty of reasons to hire you.

Ready to complete your profile? Log in and go to your profile.

All pages on Snupit are SEO optimised, the more information you have on your profile, the higher your Google ranking. Obtaining a high Google ranking gives you greater visibility to attract potential customers.