Snupit becomes even more reliable and effective for finding the right pros

Snupit rolls out new Pro Verified badge feature to help users instantly identify the best contractors.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Nov 7, 2017

On 9th October 2017, Snupit launched a new feature, the Pro Verified badge. This badge is added to every Pro on Snupit who passes certain criteria. To ascertain whether a Pro gets the Verified badge or not, Snupit submits that business' details to their credit bureau partner, XDS which is a subsidiary of EOH. They run a risk check on the business and return a risk profile score. Snupit assesses the score and if it's within the predefined threshold, a Pro Verified badge is issued to the Pro.

This is yet another mechanism through which Snupit shows it has its users' best interests at heart. Avinash Samlall, Snupit's CEO, stated: "The implementation of the verified badge will greatly benefit customers, it will reassure them that the business they want to use is legal and legitimate. Customers can now confidently hire the right Pro on Snupit who will provide the best services and value for money."

Samlall added: "Customers should visit the Pro's Snupit profile and check for the verified badge on their profile. The badge means that we've been able to verify the Pro's information and business through a public database."

It is interesting to note that this feature is also beneficial for Pros. The Verified Badge essentially empowers those professionals who are more serious about their work. These are Pros who are willing to share more details about their business. This inherently shows more commitment and can also be considered a metric for competence. So in effect, Snupit now does even more to promote Pros who put more commitment into their business.

Trust is a major concern in the online world. By rolling out this new feature, Snupit has instantly become a much more reliable and effective tool for the more than 2 million users who use the service every month.

In a message to Snupit users, Mr. Samlall further remarked, "Your safety is our priority. It's important to find a trusted business for your needs and jobs. When you hire a Pro on Snupit, we have a range of measures to ensure that you and your valuables are protected. You can easily spot trusted professionals by looking out for the Verified Badge."

Snupit is hopeful that an increasing number of the 350 000 local professionals and businesses listed on here will get the Verified Badge. The continuous introduction and smooth adoption of such features will help the online portal remain at the cutting edge of the industry.