Snupit reflects on how it has helped small local companies

"They've achieved their dreams..." Local pros and businesses continue to use Snupit to enjoy wonderful growth.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, May 24, 2018

Snupit takes a moment to recognise the local companies that have used the platform to change their businesses for the better. Looking back to the origins of Snupit, it was created out of a need to easily find and hire a local service online.

The founder, Avinash Samlall, built Snupit because he quite literally couldn't find a service like it when he needed it. And within six years, Snupit has become the leading online platform in South Africa where local businesses find jobs and new customers.

Now, Snupit takes a moment to reflect on how it has changed the lives of so many local companies, while also providing a simple way for people to get their work done.

Here's what some of the many successful business owners on Snupit have to say about this amazing platform:

Gear U Up Promotions

"With Snupit my business grew from a "me" to an "us": we have more staff now and have really grown."

"Snupit has opened up a new market for us, giving us access to customers we otherwise could not get. Snupit gets your foot in the door."

"Snupit is the only choice. I even tell your opponents about the quality of your service offering."

"The growth speaks for itself. We get new clients on a weekly basis through Snupit and this is every single week!"

"You can't go wrong with Snupit. It is tried and trusted."

"Snupit puts your business's name out there. It reaches clients, sometimes better than we can. Good exposure. Snupit is brilliant." : (Head of marketing).

Best Debt Finance (Cape Town Branch)

"Snupit found me. It's very exciting. We love Snupit."

"A lot of leads are successful. Snupit has helped our business. It has created possibility."

Olivers Construction and Superior Gardens and Maintenance

"Snupit also helps me determine demand for services. The leads are proof of demand. You can expand your business or start new businesses through the requests that customers send."

"What are you waiting for?" (To people considering using Snupit)

Zim Painters Contractors

"I have tried other advertising platforms but they have not proved to be as successful as Snupit."

"I have obtained two frequent customers since joining Snupit. I have also managed to add two more cars to my fleet."

Hincorio Upholstery and Auto Trimmers

"Snupit has helped me bring in new customers. It has brought clients closer; it has brought me customers that I would have not interacted with if it wasn't for Snupit."

"Before Snupit I was looking around for clients but now customers are readily available."

Founder Samlall feels a sense of achievement just helping local service professionals to find new customers.

Talking about how Snupit has touched so many lives and helped local businesses, Samlall remarked: "I get to work with small business owners who have started their own companies and through sheer determination and hard work, they've achieved their dreams.

"To me, they are entrepreneurs who are shaping the local economy, and its inspiring to hear that we get to play some part in their efforts."

Some 350 000 local professionals and businesses are listed on Snupit and this number continues to grow. Given its performance, Snupit is all set to continue giving local businesses the best chance to grow their business and achieve their dreams.