Snupit shares big success of this year's Business Show SA

Snupit soars to new heights following successful participation in the 2019 Business Show in Johannesburg.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Mar 15, 2019

Becoming one of South Africa's most favourite online marketplaces for hiring local services, Snupit propels itself into the future following a tremendous response in this year's Business Show. According to Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Avinash Samlall: "It was an absolute pleasure engaging with numerous start-ups at the expo. We also met many of our pros using the Snupit app for warm customer leads. Meeting them further helped us understand their perspective of our platform and how it is helping them to close deals and grow their business."

Organised in partnership with NSBC by World Famous Events, this year's Business Show was held in Johannesburg at the Gallagher Convention Centre. The delegates at the show benefited from a wide variety of business strategy presentations and seminars that focused on the primary facets of business strategy, online marketing, finance and advertising.

The expo was a huge success for Snupit, which was able to board a plethora of new small businesses. Many small businesses and start-ups enquired about how the company is geared to provide them with new leads and a strong customer base.

These business owners and potential start-ups immediately listed themselves on Snupit. "Our clients who have been successfully using our platform to meet new customers throughout 2018 expressed their appreciation for how we have managed to help achieve their milestones, advancing their business objectives further into the future."

There is no question that Snupit has made a very powerful entry into 2019, with a handful of new offers actively seeking to help small businesses thrive and compete with their larger counterparts.

Samlall added: "We recorded over 20 video testimonials from top pros on Snupit, who are leveraging every opportunity that Snupit has to offer, to make their business a big success. We will be sharing these testimonials on our Web site in the next few days. Both days of the show saw a record flow of foot traffic. It was a wonderful and great exhibition for us. Attending the show from Snupit were Sherlin Pather, Mithundra Sivenandan and Avinash Samlall."

Snupit continues to grow confidently as a market leader in this industry, tactfully developing quality business leads and becoming a key player in the Business Show South Africa 2019. The exhibition was a big success, largely thanks to the participation of companies like Snupit and the guests it attracted.