Snupit follows up Android app with amazing app for iOS

Two million people, 350 000 pros. And now, two apps...
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Dec 15, 2017

Just four months after the launch of its Android app, Snupit is now rolling out its mobile app for iOS. The two apps are essentially part of a bigger picture, a new strategy, that the leading online portal in South Africa started executing at the start of 2017. Now, as the year concludes, Snupit has two mobile apps on the two main mobile platforms.

Snupit's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Avinash Samlall said: "We're both proud and excited about the iOS app. We had launched our first app a few months earlier and were determined to have both apps out before the year ended. Now we'll enter the new year just as we planned - as South Africa's top online portal that connects people to pros wherever they are."

The app creates a smooth experience for pros and users on their iPhone and iPad. This makes it a breeze to browse through the dozens of categories of pros and jobs on Snupit. Features like quotes showing up on the iPhone or iPad's notification centre and dedicated messaging takes the functionality to a whole new level.

Samlall also remarked: "The Snupit website was always mobile friendly. But with the apps we're taking the whole experience to another level. Apple's iOS is known for its great usability and simple user experience. We've provided a similar great experience for our users."

In effect, the iOS app means less hassle for both pros and users. Pros can easily manage more jobs on the go, while users can effortlessly find the right person for the job. The mobile experience makes the process all the more simple and hassle-free. By putting the Snupit iOS app on their homes screens, iPhone and iPad users will improve their personal and professional lives.

The iOS app is yet another testament to Snupit's commitment to improving the lifestyle of people in South Africa in a very specific way. From users who need quick and reliable professional help, to the pros who need a steady source of good clients and jobs, everyone on Snupit simply gets more out of their time thanks to the mobile app.

A key idea that drives Snupit is simplifying the otherwise challenging aspect of lead generation. With the launch of the iOS app, Snupit further cemented its seriousness to enriching the lives of modern-day South Africans. Snupit has been operating for five years now and with this second mobile app, it has essentially announced a new phase of excellence. The app can be download from the App Store by people across 200 South African cities.