With tech improvements, more simplicity, Snupit is set to enjoy greater success in 2019

A more user-friendly Snupit improves quality of life and drives success for people and businesses.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Feb 18, 2019

In a span of seven years, Snupit has become South Africa's leading online marketplace. Connecting the country's best professionals to locals, Snupit enters 2019 with even more to offer its users.

Snupit's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Avinash Samlall commented on the continued success of Snupit: "We consider Snupit to be a personal assistant that helps people find the best professional for a project within minutes. And vice versa for pros and businesses, getting them more jobs in less time. Naturally, we want to make that personal assistant to be as smart and efficient as possible."

To that end, numerous technology improvements have been made to improve the online service platform. For instance, a wizard-style question-and-answer section has been implemented. This simplifies the way users post requests for quotes. The improved simplicity and better user experience is expected to increase user retention and drive growth of the user base.

Samlall also remarked: "At Snupit, we're here to help you kick off the new year right. We understand that it's not easy to run a small business, and we're always making improvements to help you grow your business quickly on Snupit." For the pros, Snupit is a quality lead generation system. For users, it is an efficient way to hire the best person for the job.

For both types of users, Snupit's utility translates into a better quality of life. Overall, the online platform contributes positively to the country's economy. All these are important metrics for success and they paint a win-win picture for Snupit and all those who use it, especially considering that small businesses are the backbone of any economy.

With each passing year, governments and corporations are judged to a great extent by their performance related to creating jobs and improving the economy. As 2019 kicks off, Snupit is both proud and optimistic about the role it has played and will continue to play in this respect. Snupit connects over 2 million users to 350 000 pros. The company is determined to increase these numbers in 2019 and beyond, while improving the quality of life for the people behind the numbers.